Do what you like, it’s Work……

Isuruni Rathnayaka
5 min readAug 22, 2021

“It’s not what work you will do, it’s what you like to do”

“What you want to be when you grow up?” It was the most heard question in my childhood.
I heard many answers around me. Many seems similar a very few different. I close my ears, eyes and start to think.

Ever since I was a child I had no idea what I want to be in the future or what work I will do, and still don’t have. I have done my best in everything. It’s only my best not others. Nevertheless, I have never had an idea what for because it changes often. The transformations happened around me motivates me to become a divergent models of myself in the future. Once it was a doctor, then a public speaker, psychologist, engineer, carpenter, astronaut, dancer, painter, café owner and many more things which I can mention for a whole article. I loved each and every one of these as they represent me, myself. Even so, they were sometimes directing to a new path rather the one, majority around me was going. So, as a child I was reluctant to change the path the majority is following.

The clock ticks and time flies by, I rhyme the life according to what the majority do, with the question in a deep corner of my heart, “What work will I really do in the future?”. But, it was really hard to find an answer for this hidden question up until recently. On my behalf, as time goes by I realized that the question I had locked up within me has something wrong in it. It should have been reshaped as

“What work do I really like to do in the future instead of What work will I really do in the future?”

As long as the work you are engaging is favorable to the world and brings you happiness it doesn’t matter whether majority is following the same or not. If people didn’t work uniquely, different from the majority what would you think have happened to mankind? We would be still out there chasing animals with sticks for food. It’s who follows a different path from the majority bring the greatest change to the world. We are living in a digitally connected global village thanks to those who stood out from the crowd. Do not let your fear of being unique win over your dreams. The question “what work will you do in the future?” should be shaped with whatever you like to do even though it doesn’t follow the path everyone else does. Always keep in mind, the work you do depends on your preferences, not on others.

Not only the outside world do not let yourself cut off your dream work. I had many future mind models of myself running in my head ever since my childhood. When time goes by I prioritize some among them, totally based on my preferences. What is laughable is that, still the list was huge and often some get added to it. So, I stop worrying myself in choosing what I like the most among them. Instead I decided to give life to all working models I have in my mind. I started doing everything I like to do, things that make feel alive and that will support the work I prefer to do in the future. Yes, I’m busy because I have a lot to do but, I’m enjoying my life to the fullest because rather than doing what others like and being free, I believe it’s delighted to be a busy body with what you love. So, work hard until you feel contented with the person you are aiming to be.

On top of everything don’t work on things that will make people around you satisfied if your inner self is confused about what you are doing. It’s your life, it’s you who matters the most. You are not born to make everyone else in the world happy but you. It’s true others advice is important but putting together your efforts in satisfying each and everyone, can make your own self miserable. Remember, what work you will do is what you like regardless of others satisfaction on it.

Everyone has things they like do, separately for each, that are capable of making ones soul deeply enjoyable, paving the path to the vision of “what work you will like to do”. So, when you engage in them you will enjoy the moment although you are overblown with work. Remember, the route to happiness, is doing more of the things you like not what you have to.

The time you spend to answer “what work will I do in the future?”, devote them to do what you like. You will encounter the best version of yourself. You may not be perfect, you may not satisfy everyone around you, you may be heading towards a different path from the majority but you make yourself happy which is the most important in life.

Work comprised of several meanings in diverse situations. Wherever it is replace the word “work” in your life with what you like to do. At the same time being a useful human being to the world with the life you have got is a foremost responsibility. Engage in whatever you like with a good heart you will eventually serve the world to fulfill your duty.

What matters most is you and your happiness because this is your life. You are the best person in deciding the future work for yourself. So, belive in yourself without doubting the choices you make for yourself. Be confident about yourself. If you do, you will make your choices becomes reality.

“What work will you do in the future?”

Someone asked me, I was only 6

“They are all doing it, I will do the same”

I replied, I was only 8

“Do you like it?”

Someone asked me, I was only 10


I replied, I was only 12

“Then, why are doing it?”

Someone asked me, I was only 14

“Because all are doing it”

I replied, I was only 16

“What work will you do in the future”

Someone asked me, I was 18

“I will do what I like, what makes me happy”

I replied, I was 20

No one ever asked me anything again

Remember in life, instead of asking yourself “What work will I do in the future?” ask “What work do I really like to do in the future?”. You will find yourself. The best version of yourself.



Isuruni Rathnayaka

Software Engineering Undergraduate - University of Kelaniya Sri Lanka